The band are currently in the process of recruiting, and if you are interested in joining, or know anyone that is, please contact Paul or Alan (Email addresses below)…

We are looking for youngsters in the 10 to 20 age range, who can already play an instrument (or who are prepared to learn) and are generally free on a Sunday Afternoon

All members of the band are in fact members of UK Scouting, as the band is itself an Scout Group, but you don’t have to already be a scout to join

The Halesowen Scout Band were formed in 1975 as a district band when two bands came together to perform for the Chief Scout at Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

One band had white drums, the other black drums. This colour scheme was adopted by the then joint band, you will see Halesowen Scout Band wearing the black and white hoodies still to this day.

The band have gone through a number of changes and have enjoyed much success at events and in competition.

Halesowen Scout Band are not only members of the Scout Association but are also members of the Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association (TYMBA) and currently perform in the Competition Class.

In contest, Halesowen Scout Band have been fortunate to have won many awards all over the United Kingdom (even some abroad!) they have been crowned National Class League Champions twice!

The band have had a number of bandmasters over the years, Jeff and Jean Johnson, Roy Forbes and since 1989 Paul Wong.

Paul leads a team of dedicated instructors who are all extremly proficient in their chosen disciplines.

Alan Brookes – Assistant Bandmaster/Wind instructor

Kate McDonnell – ‘C’ instrument instructor

Amanda Nelson – Woodwind instructor

Nick Chadd – Percussion instructor

David Wong – Wind instructor

Shaun Brookes – Wind instructor

Lynsey Pearson – Wind instructor